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I don't have time to go into a huge rant....but does anyone take into consideration that perhaps its not that stores are denying X-mas...but rather that there is more than one holiday in the month of December. Perhaps people have forgotten that there is x-mas, hanukkah, and kwanzaa. I don't know what holiday you might be celebrating. So instead of insulting you by ASSUMING that you are shopping for x-mas....I wish you happy holidays instead of merry christmas.....I don't see Jew's up in arms about this....just the christians. Its shit like this that makes me happy that I'm not Christian. You're not the only religion in the world...actually at the rate religions are growing...you're losing your place. I'm so sick of religious shit. Christmas shopping has nothing to do with the Christian holiday....its just another reason to spend money. If the thought of people not wishing you a merry christmas when you shop at their store....stay home, read the bible, and consider what "you" believe x-mas is all about.

Back to my 30 page paper on writing on my new laptop.

Also having friends that are tattoo artist and piercers is a bad thing....i stretched my ears the other day...and i have another tattoo appointment next tuesday.

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