Zoe Godstar (zoegodstar) wrote,
Zoe Godstar

Why update???

Not really much to say...got new ink. Another on my ankle. Up to 3, and no where near stopping. I have this habit of stressing myself out. I go online and look at jobs in Philly, and then I think...what if I can't find a job? What if this degree will be as worthless as the others, of course I'm the one that makes them worthless. I just want to move. I so dislike Syracuse, and I miss NYC so much. That city felt like home, and I keep thinking that Philly is just 75 mins away. I could go whenever I want. I don't like that I'm approaching 30 and still have no real career, and that I have given up so many dreams in my early 20's for various men. I have been going through my stuff and tossing much of it. I have been hanging on to stuff for many, many years for no real reason. When I got kicked out of dads everything ended up in boxes and 10+ years later it still is. I want to use the next year (Ramiz should graduate Aug 2007) to save up the money to move and downsize my life. I know a place in Philly will be expensive and I have to think, do I want to live in philly or hang on to random stuff that I have not used in years. I've been doing pretty well with the task. I have also been dropping much of my vhs to DVD so I can get ride of it. It takes up way to much room and I want a smaller entertainment center in philly so the vhs has to go. Well I think i might sleep...and try to stop freaking out about the future.
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