Zoe Godstar (zoegodstar) wrote,
Zoe Godstar

To the fucking bitch....

that felt the need to read my journal...and then share that info with all of his friends...I say fuck you and I hope that your proud of yourself. I will not play games with you...I will only say this......you have made a situation that was already hard...even worse...if you cared at all about Ramiz you would not have shared this with his friends...you would have let him tell them when HE was ready....but then again your 19 what the fuck do you know. I had that post public so ramiz could see it if he read my journal and know that I was truly sorry for what had happened...it was during a moment of weakness that I thought that I could put a trying part of my life into MY journal...but I guess you still feel the need to check up on us...well from this moment forward there is no need for you to check....because everything will be friends only.....
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