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Well lets see...changes over the next few months....

Ramiz and I WERE going to move to Philly around the end of August...looks like it will be Vegas instead...still the same time frame. Want to hang with us...will need to do it in the next 3 months...then we will be west coast instead.

I'm out of a job...but I don't know when... Discovery Channel has decided to close their retail end...and that means over a 1000 people are going to be let go anytime between now and sept.1. I should know more info this week...ideally we will stay open till the end of July. That would work perfect for me since I had planned on leaving the store around August 10. But at this point I told them I would stick it out....so if were open till August 31..then I will be there till then.

My favorite Tattoo artist is moving to Houston, TX. But will be going between his shop here and the new one he is going to open. He is still working on my 1/4 sleeve. I had more work done today...and i have another appt. june 3. It will be done before we move. and there is some talk of him coming to vegas...plus i can get work done in Houston...so I'm glad he will be out on that way. I also spoke with Kat Von D about getting some work done (i'm going to have her do Jaedyn's portrait)...so that will happen sometime after August in her new shop in LA. When it comes down to it I will only allow about 3 artists to work on me at this point. KAt, Garver and ofcourse my favorite. But hey...I'll be 4 hours to LA so I can have both Kat and Garver do some work. I might have Garver do my arm....but I'm not sure....but Kat is going to be the one to do the portrait.

Well I'm going to bed.....

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