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I must go read a chapter on death and dying for class...but first a quick update.

I had my 28th birthday....of which my amazing husband not only got me a CBGB's hoodie of which I love....but got the entire tattoo parlor to sing me happy birthday....he rocks. And the muppet dvd's season 1...of which I can watch pop-up muppet...like pop-up video's.

I got my new tattoo...its not done yet...but I love it!!!!

Got my new car...scion xb...also love it....and it got us to Dundee to see the one and only JAEDYN!!!! She's walking and is too fucking cute....pics to come.

Off to do homework!
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John Anthony

So first things first....Missy had the baby tonight. It ended up being a c-section, which was a good thing because the cord was wrapped around his neck twice...so tomorrow morning I'm going with Tia to see little John Anthony Michael "Hall". Tia says that he is beautiful and perfect of course.

In other news I'm going to the Scion dealership Wednesday and hopefully walking away knowing that within the next 1 to 5 weeks I will have a new car. The new car means that I can go see Jaedyn..first thing on my list and then go to Albany to see Laurie Anderson....there is no way in hell my car will make it. I can't wait to get a new car and I love the XB.

Classes are going well.

My birthday is coming up.

Miz got his tattoo filled in...its hot. One more session and it will be done....but this sunday is my turn....I swear that we will end up at the tattoo parlor every sunday for the rest of the year. But this past sunday Tia and I went on a coffee run for matt and we ended up with dave's dog pick-up in the car with us...it was great. The people at DD that he was adorable and Dave is going to breed him with his new pit...and have pick up puppies and I want one....just have to convince Miz.

Well I need to go finish cleaning and then go to bed with Human Development like i do every night.
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I don't know if I'm more pissed or upset. I'm so sick of people lying to me. I find out eventually. Seriously, why not just tell me the truth in the beginning instead of me finding out on accident. Its not like it was some being secret that need to be kept from me....
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Just home from seeing March of the Penguins with my habibi. It was a great film. I am now going to go eat the eggs Miz made me and go to bed with him.

That is all!!
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Lets see....

Its been awhile...life has been crazy. Highlights....
*one more week at Joann's - Sunday is my last shift, and its only till 2am
*only two more weeks at Huntington....it just isn't profitable for me to drive to Fayetteville for an hour and a half. Plus my availability doesn't really work with theirs.
*Discovery Channel is going well. Sweet ass paycheck today.
*Miz hired Adam at the Portrait studio...I hope his day at Auburn today wasn't to bad.

Other things....We were going to go see Marty the other night...but Miz felt sick, so we didn't go...perhaps we can go to Saturdays show...depending on what time they go on...I have to work till 8:30. So Miz did hire Adam and the first day he worked Mark happened to also be in Wal-mart. Miz was under the impression that he was not well liked in his former group of friend because of the break-up. After catching up during lunch, he found that it was not the case. They couldn't figure out why that would be the case. Of course he had to explain that it is perceived that he broke up with her to be with his wife. And just for irony that day...after Adam left, Ashley came in. Miz said he didn't even realize it was her until after she walked by. What I don't understand is her whole thing about wanting to be friends and such that she left in my journal. Why didn't you go speak to him...why does he have to do it. It's not like he hates her...and just IM if you wanted to know whats going on instead of just checking his profile.

My habibi is in Rochester right now...he went out to play some raw deal...and he is bringing me home Krispy Kreme....He wanted to bring me sushi, but the guys didn't want to go.

the fair starts next week...I'm so excited...especially since I'm not working at it. Miz and I are going to go next Friday...and Tia and I are going to the Crew show the next week. I think even after we move, we'll still come up for the fair...I can't imagine not going.

Monday is my phone interview for school....cross fingers that all goes well...of course last night I was able to register for classes...so I'm hoping Monday is just a formality and I'm already accepted. Of course...my student loans were already released to SU..of which I'm taking a leave of absence...so this should be fun getting the money into the correct school.

well I think I'm going to go curl up in bed and wait for Miz...I have to work from 9am to 10pm tomorrow night.
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I should be sleeping....

but I woke up after like 20 mins of sleep...and of course this means I'll be up for the next 3 hours...and I really need to be sleeping since I have to work all day tomorrow.

I start today with my asst. manager rate...which is fucking sweet. Went and saw the local tattoo artist Friday...and he is hooking up Tia and I...and Miz if he wants Bob to do it. I told him I'd be back in probably 3 weeks....of course I'll be there Friday with Tia.

I gave my notice at Joanns yesterday...3 more shifts and no more overnights.

Miz and I are going to go test drive a scion....I really want one...and with my raise and full time I should be able to get all of my debt payed off (minus my student loans....I'll be paying those back for the rest of my life)and then new car for me...and then saving for the move to Philly.

The new studio is going really well for Miz.

Jaedyn's first birthday was Friday..and we had her party on Saturday. Miz couldn't go...but her favorite gift...the penguin her favorite uncle bought her. I'll post some new pics later.

I think thats about it...

oh yeah....I'm getting nervous about my application into the new school I applied to. I'm just waiting on the letters of rec., this is what screwed me up from starting SU on time....I hope they get them in soon....thats one of those things I can't control...and I hate that.

one last things, and then bed. If you want to know whats going on in his life, why don't you just IM him instead of always checking his profile.
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what's new....

well let's see. Tom is home from the hospital. I was in Florida till last Wednesday. I flew home in time to go to Ozzfest with the love of my life and flannel. It was a good time. We watched Rob Zombie and the whole time I was thinking about the old days when I was front row in a little club in Ithaca watching White Zombie....I miss those days.

I ended up not getting the third key position at Discovery Channel, because I got the Asst. manager position. More money, full time and full benefits. Sweet health insurance....my wisdom teeth are so coming out. But really I'm just happy that Miz and I will have insurance...the insurance at his job blows, and I haven't had insurance since early 2002.

Now that I got the new position i can quit joann's, but i want to wait a little while longer...i couldn't live with myself if i left the crew with the 2 idiots they just hired. I told my manager if she worked with me and my schedule, I would stay on for a while longer. Some Sundays I have to be at DC till 6:30 and I'm suppose to be a joanns at 6...so I told them I would come in at 7. So I'll be working like 10-6:30 at DC and then 7-6 at Joann's. Thats a long ass day....but hey the money is good. The more money, the faster I can pay shit off, and start to save for the move to Philly.

Speaking of the move to Philly...I joined the philly community and posted a question about neighborhoods...where it was good to live and whatnot. So this guy PJ posted that he was also from Syracuse and was moving to Philly in 2 weeks...so when I checked out his profile I recognized a name on his friends list...and I asked him if he went to CNS...sure enough he did, he knows ramiz and I also got posts from his friends that they know miz...including Adam, who name was the one i recognize and the other one I think is Jon. Small world, Miz isnt sure who PJ is, but its funny that i post to a philly community and find Ramiz's friends.

Got into it with Malak last night, I'm sorry we even unblocked her. We only did because we wanted to know if his mom was alright, because we knew his aunt had passed away and every time we called the house no one was home. I honestly believe her and I will never get along. She makes assumptions about our relationship and me and then gets all bitchy about it. She wanted to come visit and we told her no. She was like why not? Perhaps because we both work full time jobs and are never home. But whatever....I really wish we had some time so we could have Omar come visit. Maybe after they move back to the coast.

Lets see if there is anything else...Jaedyn's b-day is friday and her party is saturday...miz has to work so I'm going alone...and i need to finish her blanket.

Miz is going to take me next week to get my other nipple pierced....and perhaps sushi....I do love that boy. And we need to talk to my tattoo artist about the cost of some new ink.

Well I need to go finish the dishes, sort the laundry and then get ready for work. Need to cover a shift....and of course I forgot to get the laundry detergent out of the station wagon this morning before Miz left for work, so know I have to do laundry when I get home tonight.

I also sent everything into the new university I applied to....so hopefully I'll know something soon...they have to wait for my letters of rec. and I have to do a phone interview with the committee...

and words of wisdom for the day...Go ahead and try, you never know what might happen.
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Time for an update...and perhaps a rant.

So it's been a few weeks since I've updated.

Where to start....first I have a sunday night off....but only because I'm flying to florida in about 12 hours. My step-father fell today out of the tree at my parents house. He was up cutting down the limbs, because well they live in florida....hurricanes....and the limb he was on gave way. He's at the hospital with a punctured lung, severed spline, broken ribs, dislocated shoulder and fractured bones in his face. When I talked to my mom around 3 I think, he was going into surgery. As of right now....I know nothing. Her phone is off, which means she is still at the hospital....but I really wish I knew how he was doing. I couldn't afford a flight out tonight...it would have been like $600 and I still won't have been to florida till after midnight and there was a lay over in Philly which wouldn't have been bad, but instead I got a flight in the morning for a little over $100. I had to take days off from work and really can't afford to go...thats what credit cards are for....but I feel like I need to be there for my mom. Not to mention Tom has been like a father to me since the sperm donor who is my father has nothing to do with us kids. He wasn't the one to see me graduate from college both times, or walk me down the aisle, or be there when Jaedyn was born, or the hard times we had in between...its always been tom and I need to be there. SO I need to go pack here in a few minutes. It sucks that I won't be here for Miz's opening and hopefully I'll be back in time for Ozzfest...but really all I want is for Tom to be alright.

Lets see what else....Miz and I went to see the penguins at the zoo....i think it was July 1. Nice exhibit, but I think I still like central park better.

very good chance that I'm getting the asst. manager position at the store....Mare is leaving and that leaves me to take it. Should know here in the next few days....full time, more money, and benefits. Sweet...this means soon.....NEW INK!!!!

Just talked to my mom...apparently Tom is in his own room....but her phone cut out so thats all I know at the moment.

Went to k-rockathon yesterday....it was Tia, Missy and Doug (Tia's friend) and I scared them all when I passed out about 3 hours into it. They had to walk me over to the first aid tent....lack of water probably...I was fine afterward. But when I finally got home last night I had the worst fucking headache...poor Miz I scared him because I was in so much pain. But I feel alright today. Figures that i was the one to pass out...not the 7-month pregnant chick, or the guy that had like 20 beers to many...but rather the chick who had 2 drinks all day like 3 hours before I passed out, but the emts figure i was just dehydrated. I'll have to watch myself at OzzFest.

Miz and I want shopping the other night and decided to go to petland before we went to Lowes. Miz had never been there, and I was there once went they opened and I wanted to go look at the dogs. One of the few pet stores that have them. SO Miz and I were looking at the mice and he makes some smart ass remark and at the same time this girl who works there comes up to us, and we start talking about ferrets and stuff. We must have talked like 15/20 minutes about different options for moab and stuff and we finally leave because they were closing and we needed to get to lowes. So we leave and Miz was like that was really weird, and when I asked why he goes "because that girl is Ashley's best friend". I would have honestly never known that she and Miz knew each other, and if she had a hatred for us, she never showed it. She was very nice, and professional. She mentioned she was going to school for Psychology, she'll be good, she has a very nice personality that allows people to open up to her.

And its amazing how quickly people check updated profiles.

And know my rant...so I go to work the day the bombings happen in London and this guy comes into the store....and is like it Lance wearing the yellow jersey. I share with the guy I'm not sure...and he informs me that I should know since we are his main sponsor. I told him that I know that the night before he was, but that I didn't get a chance to check before work that morning, because London was a little more important. He looks at me and is like...that doesn;t matter. Oh ok the fact that people are dead is not important but some fucking jersey is...right.

well i need to pack and its way to hot in this room.
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